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    • Features and advantages
    • Features and advantages: simulation and experiment of rock machine action mechanism, equipment development and digital design, engineering big data mining and smart application.

      Research areas: cutter cutter technology, system integration and control engineering construction control, big data technology applications.

      Clients: Shield equipment, shield engineering, education and training, technical consultation
    • Research results in the following fields have reached world leading level
    • Study on Basic Theory of High Efficiency Rock Breaking with Cutter Head Cutter
      Basic Applied Research on Abrasion Mechanism of Cutter Head Tools
      Research on adaptability design technology of super-large diameter shield < br /> Innovative application design of key components of shield < br />. Research on New Control System and Control Software
      Study on Key Application Technology of Shield Tunneling in Soft and Hard Non-uniform Strata
      Study on Key Technologies of Tunneling Machine Construction in Deep Composite Stratum
      Comprehensive Construction Technology and Equipment of Underground Pipeline Gallery
      Comprehensive Construction Technology and Complete Equipment for Super Large Section Rectangular Pipe Jacking
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